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Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules - 2023 Halloween Hoopla

Halloween Hoopla 2023


  • Game consists of two 20 minute halves with a running clock.
  • Clock will stop in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half only, unless a team is behind by 20 or more points.
  • The clock will stop at 10 seconds if a team is shooting foul shots at the end of the first half.


  • Two full timeouts per half. Timeouts do not carry over to the second half or to overtime.
  • Each team will be given one timeout in overtime. No timeouts in the sudden death overtime.


  • First overtime is 2 minutes; the clock will stop during the last minute of overtime.
  • 2nd overtime is sudden death: First team to score-No Timeouts
  • Championship games-all overtimes will be 2 minutes with a stopped clock and one time out per overtime.


  • High school federation rules unless exceptions are specified. No shot clock. 10 sec back court rule in effect.


  • 4th & 5th Grade teams
    • 4th grade may play half-court defense only. 5th grade may play full court defense if the lead is below 20 points (they may return to full court if the lead drops back to 15points).
    • Man-to-man defense only with no double-teams except for help defense inside the 3-pt line.
    • Help defense is limited to leaving individual coverage to help stop an offensive player that has beaten her defender into the key or has received the ball inside the key.
    • No double-teams or “help” defense off of the ball to prevent a player from receiving the ball. This applies anywhere on the court, including inside the key. Defense shall not be permitted to “help” cover a player inside the key or elsewhere that does not already have the ball.
    • No double-teams on the ball. If a defensive player is beat, another player may switch to cover the offensive player that is driving the ball. However, if that original player pursues and recovers, this will be considered a double-team.
    • No Zone defenses. Coaches are expected to honor the rule against Zone defenses. If the officials determine that the athletes are not playing man-to-man defense, they will stop play to provide a warning to the Coach and will then enforce a 6-ft rule for defenders. Defensive players must remain within 6 feet of an offensive player when that offensive player is at or inside the three-point line.
    • Officials will stop the game and provide warnings to teams if the athletes are not honoring the defensive rules against double teams and zones. Officials may award 2points and possession to the offense if they determine that the defense has not headed the warnings and repeatedly violates the defensive rules. The Tournament Director has the discretion to disqualify a Coach or the full team if the Coach disregards these tournament rules regarding zones and double-teams.
  • 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Teams may play man-to-man and zone defenses. Full court defense is allowed until there is a 20 points lead. Teams may return to full court defenses once the score drops to 15 or below.


  • Warm-up will be at least 3 minutes. Half-time will be 3 minutes.
  • Tournament Director may change the length of warm-ups or half-times to maintain the overall schedule.


  • Players will be disqualified on the 5th personal foul.
  • Bonus on 7th team foul; double bonus on 10th team foul. All grades will shoot free throws.
  • Technical & flagrant fouls will result in two points awarded to the opposing team and a loss of possession.
  • Technical fouls & flagrant fouls count as team fouls and as personal fouls.
  • Violations of the defensive rules for 4th & 5thgrade that result in 2 points being awarded will NOT be counted as personal and/or team fouls.


  • All games will use the 28.5 size ball


  • Teams listed on the bottom of the schedule or on the right will be designated as the Home team.
  • Home teams shall provide a different color jersey if uniforms conflict and the officials request the change.


Seeding for pool play is determined by head to head results if all opponents are in common.

  • First tie breaker is the point differential with a maximum of 15 points per game.
  • Second tie breaker is total points against.
  • Third tie breaker is total points scored. Tournament Director will determine seeding if tiebreakers do not.


  • Players may play up a grade but not down a grade.
  • Players may play on two teams within the same program if approved in advance.


  • Officials and the Tournament Director may remove any player, coach, or fan that demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct. There are no refunds to anyone who is removed.
  • Anyone receiving two technical or two flagrant fouls in a game will be removed from the gym and will not be allowed to participate for the remainder of that tournament. Tournament Director may also remove a player or coach from the tournament for repeated offenses in multiple games.
  • A fan removed from a game will be banned from the gym for the duration of the tournament.
  • If a fan, coach or player is asked to leave the gym, the game will not proceed until the individual leaves the facility. The team responsible for the individual will forfeit the game if the individual refuses to leave.


  • Tournament Director will settle all disputes at the time of the disputes.
  • Coaches will not be allowed to file protests, though the Tournament Director may make a ruling after a game is over that results in a forfeit due to player eligibility or other issue.
  • We reserve the right to make any decision deemed appropriate for issues not directly covered in the rules.