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The purpose of the Redmond Select Boys
Basketball program is two fold. First, it provides boys in the
Redmond High School area the opportunity to play an
advanced level of basketball in competition with players of
comparable age and ability. Second, it helps players
develop character, sportsmanship and a spirit of
cooperation on and off the basketball court.

All players entering the 5th through 9th grade who live within
the Redmond High School attendance boundaries are
eligible to participate in this program.
Our program consists of the following activities:

* Open gyms which are held mid to late summer in the
evenings. Open gyms are for all players entering the 5th
through 9th grades who aspire to play in our select
basketball program.
* Annual tryouts for our 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade select teams.
Tryouts are held over a one to three day period (evenings) during the latter
part of September.

* The East Side Traveling League begins in late fall. This is our regular
winter league, competing against sister programs throughout the east side.

* Our own Redmond Christmas Tournament .

* In the early summer all players entering grades 4 through 9 are invited to
participate in the Redmond Basketball Camp sponsored by the Redmond
High School Basketball Coach.

As you can see, we have a full calendar of basketball throughout the
season. All of this is possible because of volunteers. Our program
volunteers are the current caretakers of a strong long-standing program; we
work hard to continue the tradition and successes generated by those
before us and those to come. We welcome you to join in – our success is
built upon your participation.

Follow our web site for details on all of our activities.

Enjoy the Game!